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June 17th, 2014

Mrs. Sizzle: Brand New Art and Dog Blog

First things first: She used to live on Park Slope's Third Street. So that's a lot of cred right there.

Last week Suzanne Donaldson launched Mrs. Sizzle, what she's calling a dog and art blog, a site for dog lovers who admire art and photography. With her unerring eye, Donaldson and her team will bring you gorgeous art, leashes and pet accessories, tips on training, and most importantly: a resource for dog rescue. In fact, any photos that Donaldson shoots for the blog will be with rescue dogs in the hopes of finding them homes. Quickly.

Donaldson is eminently qualified to run a super-duper blog. She's been a photo editor for more than 20 years and is a woman of great taste and style. She's worked at Glamour, Interview Magazine, Robert Mapplethorpe Studio, various Condé Nast magazines, and as the director of Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York City.


Needless to say she is obsessed with dogs (has three of her own) and photography so starting a dog photography and art blog was, like, a no brainer. Yay for photo lovers, yay for dog lovers everywhere and yay for me, a new blog to have on my bookmark tab.

Check out Mrs. Sizzle for posts about Cindy Sherman and her parrots, William Wegman and his iconic Weimaraners, and a cool seventies shot of a car and a dog by the brilliant William Eggelston. Most fun of all, you can send snaps of your pets to her Snap Paws section. You just might see your shot posted on Mrs. Sizzle.

Congrats to Suzanne for this exciting venture or should I say adventure.

Photo by Ines and Vinoodh, who post their dog Leo's pic every day at @INEZVINOODH.  Find it on Mrs. Sizzle


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February 27th, 2013

Switch to Manual: Photography Workshops and Photo Walks

OTBKB's Witness photographer Tom Martinez is adding Photography Workshops and Photo Walks to his resume, which already includes Unitarian minister and social activist.

Martinez and fellow photographer/videographer Antonio Rosario have opened a new business called Switch to Manual to help beginner and intermediate photographers take control of the camera's basic settings, which they believe is the doorway to real creativity.

According to Martinez and Rosario, most people new to photography have a vague sense that it’s possible to control the camera’s settings, but are intimidated by the myth that to do so requires years of technical study. "And when you’re in love with photography all you really want to do is take pictures," says Martinez.

That’s where the Switch to Manual photo workshops come in. In a workshop setting, Martinez and Rosario will give you a practical overview of the two manual settings you’ll want to master (shutter speed and aperture) and then take you out to shoot pictures.

Instead of a bunch of technical jargon, they will explain these settings in everyday language.  By the end of the workshop you’ll understand how these camera controls relate to each other. "You'll be in control of your camera and not the other way around. You’ll be adjusting both to get the image you want, no matter  the situation," says Rosario.

In addition to their workshops, Martinez and Rosario offer photo walks in some of the most photogenic locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Imagine spending a morning at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens or in the trendy industrial Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook or walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. How about an afternoon in Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. During these photo walks, Martinez and Rosario will offer hands-on advice about how to get the most from your camera equipment. They will advise about composition, lighting, and lenses.

Most walks last between 2-3 hours and are a great way to  get to know these great locations in the city, with camera in hand.

Their workshops and photo walks run year-round. Check out the schedule and sign up. Soon you'll Switching to Manual in just one day!

The lovely photo of Antonio Rosario (left) and Tom Martinez is from Ditmas Park Corner.



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November 4th, 2012

Tom Martinez, Witness: Volunteers at Greenpoint Reformed Church

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July 9th, 2012

Tom Martinez, Witness: New Ride at Coney

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