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August 17th, 2012

Best Window Boxes Says Greenest Block in Brooklyn

Pop quiz: What's the best window box in Brooklyn?

Now, that's a tough call. There are many thousands of them. Too many. And so many pretty ones. There's definitely an art to it. Some people have the touch (or the green thumb plus the color/design sense).

So how do you win such a contest. First, you've got to enter the contest to be considered. It helps to belong to a Block Association but I don't think it's essential. Still, it's not like some judge-person is going to check out every window box in the borough.

These window boxes created by the Arky's at 487 10th Street in Park Slope are very pretty indeed. Sadly, they're trapped behind the window bars. And they tied for First Place. Check out the other winning window boxes and other categories at the Greenest Block in Brooklyn website. 


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