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January 4th, 2010

Local Shops: How Was Holiday Business?

According to the Brooklyn Paper, “it was a lousy year for mom and pop.” Writes the Brooklyn Paper:

A spot check of a dozen retailers from Williamsburg to Bay Ridge revealed that business is so bad that they’re struggling just to match their horror show numbers from 2008.

But I want to know the local details: how did shops on Seventh Avenue and Fifth Avenue really do this year. What sold, what didn’t and what was the general mood of the shoppers?

I’m going to be calling around to some local spots like the Community Bookstore, Hog Mountain, Diane Kane, Zuzu’s Petals, Cog and Pearl, Eric’s Shoestore and more to check the pulse of local retailers.

My fear is that if sales were as bad as some are saying, we’re going to see more closures on Seventh and Fifth Avenues. Let’s hope not.

That would be so depressing.

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