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October 28th, 2015

Skip Kid: Daily Adventures by Brooklyn Neighborhood


Someone told me about Skip Kid and I just had to have a look. I’m not in the little kid business anymore because my children are 18 and 24 but I still like to help out the parents with young kids I know. So here’s the story of how Skip Kid got started.

Two moms met eager to get out of the house with their little ones, they searched online for local activities

“I wonder what’s happening in my neighborhood today…”

They found information that was out of date and incomplete; they found activities too far from home.

“We’ll never make it all the way to another neighborhood between naps!!”

“This information is from 2010!!!”

So they determined to do it better, they set to work creating skipkid, an up-to-date drop-in activity guide for parents and caregivers.

The line about “This information is from 2010!!!” really cracked me up.

Just saying.

I checked out the Skip Kid blog and it’s chock a block full of activities for parents and kids all over Brooklyn. At the moment they’ve got lots of stuff about Halloween. Reading the blog was a trip down memory lane reminding me of the stuff I used to do with my kids when they were little.


Skip Kids wants to make the lives of parents and caregivers a whole lot easier. Parents can check in daily for drop-in activities in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn so everyone can have more fun.



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