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January 30th, 2013

Food and Computer Generated Sights, Sounds & Ideas

12 Bytes, an event that combines wonderful food and computer art, is conceived as a computer musicale with a four course meal or “interconnected network of small bites, and in between enlightenment and entertainment computer generated sights, sounds and ideas.

This interesting and unique event is brought to you by Communal Table, Ame Gilbert’s culnary endeavor which brings art, ideas, activism and food right to the table. ” We sit down with writers, performers, artists, scientists, chefs and friends to talk and listen and to share wonderful meals,” she writes on Communal Table’s website.

This event happens on FEB 9, at 7PM in a Beautiful Downtown Brooklyn. Tickets $70 (includes beverage pairings)

You can buy your tickets at Feastly. 

(address and directions will be provided ticket when you purchase your ticket!)

Here are the artists and thinkers who will headline this event:

Mihir Desai is the chief gastronomer of foodTEXT, a roving supper club which seeks to contextualise our food system through communal adventures in modernist cuisine.

Jesse Diener-Bennett is a writer and composer writing and composing in Brooklyn, New York. Madly in love with linguistics, he often works in the space between lyrics and poetry, music and words, meaningfulness and meaninglessness.

 Scott Draves is a pioneering software artist best known for creating the Electric Sheep, a collective intelligence consisting of 450,000 computers and people that uses mathematics and genetic algorithmsto create an infinite abstractanimation.

Alice Lee is a Research Chef at GNT USA, maker of all-natural colors from fruits and vegetables, and a culinary graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan.

HOST: Vince Bruns is a 30 plus year fishmonger to a central Jersey community, foodie and theater addict who just happens to own a lovely condo capable of hosting 25 or 30 food fans for dinner.

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