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January 7th, 2013

Jan 17: The Truth and Publishing at Brooklyn Reading Works

Brooklyn Reading Works at The Old Stone House presents The Truth and Publishing, a panel discussion about the future of books, publishers, authors, agents and readers, curated by the truth seeking and erudite John Guidry.

We often think of writing as a lone pursuit, a lone artist or dedicated journalist pursuing the craft with every ounce of dedication they can muster. If we think in the plural, it’s usually in pairs. Yet behind the work of writers is a larger cast of professionals every bit as dedicated to the written word and concerned about its future. They include editors, agents, publishers, critics, and others whose work helps make the printed word possible. On this panel, we will meet editors, publishers and agents who will share their perspective on the process behind the written word and what lies in store for those in the publishing industry.

And what a gathering of publishing luminaries:

With Rob Spillman of Tin House, Tamson Weston an editor of children’s books, agents Jonathan Lyons and Renee Zuckerbrot and Josh Rolnick author and editor of Shma.

The panel will be moderated by John Guidry who publishes the blog The Truth and Rocket Science. This is his fourth event at Brooklyn Reading Works. Previous events have included The Truth and Money, The Truth and Oral History, the Truth and Ghost Writers and now The Truth and Publishing.

Date: January 17, 2013 at 8PM at 8PM

Location: The Old Stone House 336 Third Street between 4th and 5th Avenues in Park Slope. F train to Fourth Avenue. R train to Union Street.

A $5 donation includes refreshments and wine

More info: Louise Crawford 718-288-4290 or

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