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November 28th, 2012

Fire in Iconic Park Slope Building


This morning a big fire burned through 200 Seventh Avenue, a four-story brick building between Second and Third Streets in Park Slope, that is owned by artist Mark Ravitz, who famously put sculptural paint-drip cows on the facade. The fire broke out around 9AM this morning. There were no fatalities or injuries and from a distance the paint-drips seemed to be unharmed.

Not a kid in Park Slope hasn’t remarked on those paint drips. They’re really quite magical and unexpected.

cow drip building fire on seventh avenue in park slope

First responders from  Squad 1, 122 and 105 were on the scene. The top two floors, where the artist and his family lived and worked, are totally burned out.  Talk about irreplaceable damage.

A large crowd gathered as firefighters put the fire out and lingered afterwards remarking on the drip sculptures loved by so many. The sculptures have changed color numerous times over the years most recently in April of 2012. Originally painted like black and white cow hide are now turquoise and gold and reminsiscent of unicorns.

The fire comes just a few months after another fire on the very same block. The building that houses Good Footing had a serious roof fire during the summer which burned out two floors of apartments and caused substantial damage to Good Footing, an athletic shoe store.

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