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November 20th, 2012

Tiger Blanket Records Vintage Clothing Boutique

It's a vintage clothing store. No, it's a record company. Well, it's both as reflected in the name. Tiger Blanket Records Vintage Clothing Boutique.

Say it three times fast.

Tiger Blanket is a record label AND a unique line of glam rock Americana vintage clothing on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg. The owner, Emmy Wildwood, personally curated the vintage gems, which she has collected over the years as a musician and vintage fashion fanatic.

The official Grand Opening is this Wednesday, November 21st. It's from 6-8PM. So this is a call out to all of you who love rock and roll AND vintage clothing AND are not going away for Thanksgiving.

Emmy, pictured left, is the coolest. And she's got plenty of attitude. "We don’t like music snobs, pretentious pricks and stereotyping. We don’t assume all male musicians are in indie rock bands, we don’t assume all female musicians play acoustic guitar but its ok if you are and do. We like whiskey, french-kissing in private and birth control. We are a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets," she writes on her website.

Emmy will be serving wine and appetizers and giving awesome door prizes and giveaways during the event and I'm sure there will be music. And lots of it. Because Emmy's in a band called Velta.




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