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November 20th, 2012

Annoying Beep

Our dishwasher broke down the other day. It still runs but it makes a terrible grinding noise when it’s turned on so we can’t use it which is a bit of a disaster for Thanksgiving.

I know: First World Problem and a very small one Post-Hurricane Sandy.

Still, it’s an annoyance. But worst of all: every minute it beeps. There’s obviously some kind of timer in there but we can’t figure out how to set it OR turn it off.

So every minute: Beep. A minute later: Beep. In the middle of the night: Beep.

Hopefully, the  dishwasher repair person will come soon and stop the beep and fix the dishwasher because that effing BEEP is driving me CRAZY.

Note: The gorgeous dishwasher in the gorgeous kitchen above is most definitely NOT my kitchen.

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