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November 9th, 2012

At The Old Stone House: Hurricane Relief Contines

The Old Stone House Park Slope Neighbors Brooklyn Neighbors Hurricane Relief group has been busy. To date volunteers have purchased more than $22,000 worth of cleaning supplies, bedding, clothing, backpacks and school supplies for our neighbors displaced by the storm, and delivered car loads of donated supplies.

There’s still so much more work to be done and the OSH PSP Brooklyn Neighbors Hurricane Relief Group is still going strong.

And while the House, park and playground came through the storm unscathed, Leon Reid IV’s much loved Hundred Story House, which was installed at JJ Byrne Playground in September and had just left on October 28, was destroyed when it was submerged in the flood at Leon’s Newtown Creek-side studio at 99 Commercial Street, in Brooklyn. We hope you’ll support Leon’s rebuilding efforts through his website!

For more information about ways you can contribute to relief efforts go to The Old Stone House website. 


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