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October 6th, 2012

Jean-Luc Picard (aka Patrick Stewart) is Moving to Park Slope

This is really Park Slope: The Next Generation.

Captain Picard, the character played by Patrick Stewart on Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be living in Park Slope. Or should I say Patrick  Stewart who played Picard on Star Trek...

The rumors are true and we offer our most heartfelt welcome to Patrick Stewart. May you be very happy here.

According to Rumor Fix, the English-born actor, who is 72, spent $2.5 million for a three-bedroom converted carriage house.

The house, which was on the market for six months has  two wood-burning fireplaces, a laundry room, a chef’s kitchen and a master suite. From the picture I can't tell where the house is from the picture on Rumor Fix, but I await word from Eliot or some other person in the know to inform me.

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