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October 2nd, 2012

New Brunch for Sweet Melissa: Finally

I’m glad to hear that Sweet Melissa Patisserie, the popular Park Slope bakery and eatery, is rethinking their weekend brunch menu. I go there often with my mother on Sunday’s and I’ve gotten sick of their old brunch offerings.

Starting soon, they’re going to have dishes like eggs Benedict. In fact, they’re going to do it four different ways: the classic, Florentine style- with spinach and gruyere; The Cajun-with crabcake and roasted peppers-, and a salmon dill version.

They’re also going to have French Toast made with their delicious homemade brioche and dipped in creme brulee batter, which sounds very fattening—but good.

In addition, they’re adding scrambled eggs plain and with veggies, using organic eggs from owner Melissa Murphy’s very own Rhode Island Red Hens.

Who knew she had hens?

Still available will be the staple items quiches, sandwiches and homemade sour cherry and toasted almond granola, which I love.

Sweet Melissa Patisserie has been in Brooklyn since 1998. They started with a lovely, romantic tea shop on Court Street, where I used to go to with a  friend for late-afternoon tea and conversation. Once they opened in Park Slope, I became a real regular. My sister and I meet there every Saturday morning for coffee, chitchat and the occasional argument (followed by a quick making up).

Their home-baked treats, scones, croissants and all the rest are, quite simply, divine.

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