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September 29th, 2012

Week’s End, Weekend

Saturday morning. Everyone is asleep. It's MY TIME to... meditate, blog, listen to Scott Simon on NPR.

I think this is my most favorite time of the week. The apartment is quiet, the living and dining rooms are empty, the chaotic energy of this household is dulled considerably.

It's been busy around here lately. It seems like the four of us are running in four separate directions. My daughter is in the thick of her sophomore year of high school. My son is working in Brooklyn and playing music. This weekend he is playing a show at Bard College.

Hugh is helping organize ArtObama on October 3rd and installing a show of his photographs at Two Moon Art House and Cafe next week, which will be up through the end of October. He is also designing a photographic mural for the Brooklyn Public Library for installation in December. He's busy and we pass like ships in the night.

My weeks are busy, too. The weekdays begin when I  wake early to drive my daughter to her school in Midwood. Our morning drive on Coney Island Avenue listening to the Elvis Duran radio show is an important bonding time for us.

Once home, the business of Brooklyn Social Media takes up all my time now. I'm either on the phone, on the computer, or at a meeting these days. And I'm excited and grateful about every minute of it.

But the onset of the weekend, the early hours before anyone awakens. It's peaceful here, a time to think. I'm glad for this time, for this soft start to the weekend.

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