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September 26th, 2012

Are You Registered To Vote? Are You Sure?

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Are all your friends and family registered voters?

Voting registration deadlines are coming up fast, and in New York people can now register online—electronically, with nothing to print out—by clicking here. It's never been easier to register. I mean, you can do it online!!!

You might think everyone you know is already registered, but now is the time to double-check and pass this email along. Asking a friend or family member is one of the most effective ways to get someone to register to vote. It's our responsibility to reach out and make sure all progressives are registered voters who get to the polls on Election Day.

If you know anyone in New York who is not a registered voter, who has moved recently, or if you're not sure whether someone is a registered voter, forward this email and ask your friends and family to register here:

In 2008, 6 million people didn't vote because they missed a deadline or didn't know how to register.1 This election is going to come down to how many progressives turn out, and it all starts with registering in time.

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