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September 4th, 2012

Freelancers Union Founder Lives in Park Slope

It was with some fascination that I read in the Sunday Times column, Sunday Routine, that Sara Horowitz, founder of the Freelancers Union and Freelancers Insurance Company lives in a brownstone in Park Slope.

Because I am a card carrying  member of the Freelancers Union and a participant in the Freelancers Insurance health plan, Sara is definitely on my radar. Actually, she's something of a hero of mine as I admire her dedication to bringing affordable health care to freelancers.

And to think I could run into  her on Fifth Avenue.

A recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship in 1999. Ms. Horowitz grew up in Brooklyn Heights and lives with her husband, Peter DeChiara, a labor lawyer and their daughter, Rachel, who is 12 .

Clearly, she's a real Park Sloper. She belongs to the Ninth Street Y, where she schmoozes with the locals.  "All the people who are working on campaigns are at the Y; I do a little political networking there."

And she loves the Fifth Avenue Farmer's Market. She writes: "My husband is the big food shopper; I’m more the farmer’s market shopper. He’ll make sure there’s lettuce in the house; I’ll make sure there’s arugula. I go to the farmer’s market on Fifth Avenue. We spend enormous amounts of money on gourmet popsicles in flavors like avocado and lime, or beet. My daughter loves the chocolate crepes."

Best of all, she said in the Times' interview that Freelancers Union is building a medical practice for independent workers, on Jay Street between Willoughby and Fulton. "The demolition’s been finished. The idea is that it will provide integrated health care, including primary care, yoga and wellness programs. We’re partnering with the people Atul Gawande wrote about in The New Yorker," she writes in the article.

She's definitely a visionary.

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