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July 13th, 2012

Juror Qualification Questionnaire

It came in the mail today. The dreaded Juror Qualification Questionnaire. Well, it may not be as bad as getting a jury summons but it still does cause a trill of anxiety.

I am required by law to fill out this questionnaire and I must respond within ten days. And it's all because my name was chosen at random from my voter, DMV or tax list. Just pulled out of a hat.

What bum luck.

What is your date of birth? Can you understand and communicate in English? Are you a resident of Kings County? Are you at least 18? Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Have you eve been a juror?

Yes, of course I've been a juror. It was June of 2005, a criminal case that lasted for about three weeks. Truly, one of the most interesting and influential experiences of my life.

I found it so interesting, so emotionally gripping, that it inspired me to train, for one year, to become a court reporter. After one year at the New York Career Institute, I decided that court reporting was not my cup of tea. It wasn't exactly a waste of time, but it was a misstep.

Now I can check that off my bucket list.

So today when I got my juror qualification questionnaire, it brought to the fore many thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, has it really been six years since I was on a jury? Yes, June of 2005 was seven years ago.

Then, will I really have to do it again?

Likely. And it was so interesting last time. It'll probably be even more interesting this time now that I know so much more about the legal system, about the law, about courtrooms, about court reporting.

I'll probably want to stare at the court reporter the entire time with true admiration, awe and relief that it is she and not me.

To read more about my 2005 jury duty experience go here. 

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