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February 17th, 2011

Here’s Park Slope: Interview with a Timboo’s Bartender

This week on Here's Park Slope, there's an interview with a bartender at the South Slope bar, Timboos, located on Fifth Avenue and 11th Street. Now that's a place that's been in the neighborhood forever. A friend of mine who grew up on Fifth Avenue in the fifties and sixties used to tell me about that place. Great stories.

Here's Park Slope's Dan runs a great series called Know Your Bartender and he does great interviews. In fact he interviewed me for an upcoming piece on his blog (know your bloggers?). Here's an excerpt from his interview with bartender Betty Collins.

When it comes to South Slope bars, there are two categories: those that draw a younger crowd and those that cater to a slightly older demographic. For the former category, Ellis Bar and Black Horse Tavern come to mind. Bars in the latter category also share the trait of having been in the neighborhood the longest, though, and they include Smith's, Jackie's Fifth Amendment, and Timboo's. These old-school bars open earlier, stay open later, draw a fiercely loyal clientele, and are throwbacks to an earlier Brooklyn.

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