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December 8th, 2010

Last Chance To Send In Your Park Slope 100 Nominations

In the next few days I will be publishing the 2010 Park Slope 100. Please send your nominations in as soon as possible. You can just send the name and a little bit about the person, place, animal,  thing, or event that you think belongs on the PS 100. Feel free to write the blurb. I LOVE when people do that.

In case you don’t know about the PS 100:

The Park Slope IS 100 people, places and things that make Park Slope Park Slope. 100 Stories, 100 ways of looking at the world. This is the fifth year of the Park Slope 100 so if you combine all the lists there will be 500 people on this ongoing list, which is, in a sense, a micro-history of Park Slope from 2006-2010.

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