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October 31st, 2010

Urgent Orthopedic Care for OSFO

Hepcat and I were at a dinner party last night when OSFO called to say that she'd fallen and couldn't walk. The details of the accident are TOP SECRET AND WILL NOT BE REVEALED BY ME.

We rushed home and she was already elevating her foot and icing it with a bag of frozen peas.

Ice and elevate. That's my girl.

This morning she still couldn't walk on it and we went to The Orthopedic Urgent Care Center at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, which is essentially a 24-hour emergency room for orthopedic issues.

301 East 17th Street just east of Second Avenue. Write that down. This place, which I've been to twice before, is really good to know about.

The service was fairly quick and very helpful. We  met with a very nice nurse and doctor and her foot was x-rayed. The doctor told us that, luckily, nothing was broken but that she should wear an air cast and use crutches (both of which were supplied to us at the hospital). He told her to ice and elevate and explained everything very thoroughly and carefully.

We were out of there in less than two hours and she was well cared for. Good deal. OSFO is limping about and practicing with her crutches. She should be feeling better in about two weeks, when she can take the air cast off.

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