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October 22nd, 2010

Freddy’s Bar Signed Lease for New Fifth Avenue Space

Freddy's Bar, the beloved Prospect Heights bar and performance space, which was in many ways the epicenter of Atlantic Yards activism is reopening on Fifth Avenue between 17th and 18th Street in South Park Slope.

For those who don't remember, the original location was demolished in the name of eminent domain. In other words, because it was in the footprint of the Atlantic Yards project, it was deemed a blight to the neighborhood. Ha!

Seems that the previous owner of Freddy’s is no longer involved in this brand new endeavor and that the Freddy’s staff members have taken over.

The new owners are Donald O’Finn, previous manager and bartender, Matt Khun and Matt Kimmett, both previous Freddy’s bartenders. According to O'Finn, "they are all  highly responsible for the success that Freddy’s enjoyed at it’s past location."

O'Finn adds that the new Freddy's team signed the new South Slope lease on the evening of Oct. 21, 2010. That's last night so this is hot off the presses, folks.

Says O'Finn: "The opening of the doors is contingent on the speed and accuracy of both the State Liquor Authority and the Department of Buildings, as well as the embrace of Community Board."

Let's hope it all goes quickly. Good luck to all of you.

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