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February 26th, 2010

The Chair Man Moves to Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue

The Chair Man, that gift shop on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope right near Starbucks and The Clay Pot is moving to Fifth Avenue between Degraw and Sackett.

The Chair Man has been on Seventh Avenue for two decades so it’s definitely the end of an era. Like the Clay Pot, which used to be a pottery shop and studio and Little Things, which used to be a doll house furniture store, I am guessing that the Chair Man, back in the day, used to sell chairs.

You know the shop though you probably don’t know its name. It’s a gifty/ knick-knacky shop that sells earrings, incense, ambient music CDs, bags, scarves, stuffed animals, ornaments, odd Japanese string figurines, Buddha objects, clothing…you never really know what you’ll find in there.

I’ve been in there dozens of times because my daughter loves it. We bought a music box for her piano teacher there, those Japanese string figurines, stuffed animals, earrings…

Good luck to the Chair Man on Fifth.

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