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January 22nd, 2010

Scott Turner is Moving to Seattle

Brooklyn is losing a great one. And so is OTBKB.

Scott Turner, the writer/designer/thinker behind the weekly Greetings from Scott Turner post, is moving to Seattle. The fight against the Atlantic Yards is losing one of its most passionate activists and Rocky Sullivan’s is losing its talented pub quiz host. And OTBKB…

…OTBKB is saddened and bummed because it SUCKS to lose such an excellent contributor. But Scott says that he’s off to  greener pastures: a job offer and a desire to pursue his true love: music—and who can argue with that. I have been honored to publish his posts every week and wish him the very, very best in his Seattle adventure. I even foster hopes that he will continue Greetings from Scott Turner from Seattle (will ya think about it, Scott?).

Tonight, you can hear Scott’s solo band, RebelMart at 9PM at Rocky Sullivan’s. Also on the bill are John Pinamonti and Neil deMause. It’s a  great triple-bill and the last RebelMart show around here for quite sometime. Here is Scott’s farewell missive though he’s still around for another two weeks:

Huh?  Yep…I’m leaving town.  A job offer in Seattle coincided with an awakening that I have to get back to music.  Six years of fighting the Atlantic Yards project and lots else going on here in Brooklyn put a squelcher on the guitar and the singing.  Seattle’s a clean-slate chance to play lots of music and get RebelMart functioning full-throttle.

My last Quiz at Rocky’s is February 4th.  I hired from within for my successor, Sean Crowley, who publishes NerdNY.  Sean’s a regular at the quiz.  He’ll be taking over the Quizmails, too.  I don’t know whether he’ll be issuing scorching screeds at the beginning of each Quizmail, the way I did.

This should explain my failure to send you a photo and a bio for your contributors.  I’d offer to shoot you a weekly rant from Seattle, but it’s not what OTBKB is really about.  Who needs another Brooklynite-out-of-water blog?  Yes, we get it.  They don’t have bagels, yellow cabs and blunt honesty in [name of new city].  OTBKB is about Brooklyn telling Brooklyn what Brooklyn is up to.  As it should be.

Thanks for running my weekly pieces.  I’ve always appreciated the trust you’ve put in me by running them, harshness and jagged edges unimpeded.  It’s certainly helped the Quiz and Rocky’s.  I can’t say thank you enough.  And, per contemporary mores, we’ve never met each other in person.  Yep, it’s the post-Aughts, alright.

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