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January 14th, 2010

NY State Senator Eric Adams Responds to Haitian Crisis

From New York State Senator Eric Adams:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti in their time of severe adversity and dire need. I ask my fellow New Yorkers to extend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Haiti and to the bereaved here in the U.S. It is in time of tragedy that the nobility and generosity of the human spirit can truly shine through. I know that New Yorkers from all backgrounds will join me in supporting and assisting the many people affected by this devastation. My office is committed to assisting recovery, relief, and rebuilding efforts. My staff and I will continue to monitor the situation. We are working in conjunction with organizations to get help to those in need: 8CC Haitian Center Council and Director Henry Frank; Ebbets Field Community Development Center, and its Director Michelle Adolphe; and Executive Director Dr. George Casimir of the Haitian American National Alliance. These groups, as well as my staff will assist in collecting clothing, blankets and canned foods. Also working in partnership with them, we will coordinate with Chase Bank to have an account dedicated to raising money for those affected by the devastation. Our District Office at 572 Flatbush Avenue, between Beekman and Midwood, remains open from 10-6 each day. This Saturday, we had already scheduled an open house. We would ask everyone who plans to attend to bring non-perishable items, clothing, or a blanket to help with the relief effort. The Open House is scheduled for this Saturday from 4-9.

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