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January 10th, 2010

Sunday: Lululemon Self-Treatment Technique to Heal Injury

The Park Slope branch of Lululemon Athletica is offering a complimentary workshop with body practitioner Zoe Levine, who will share techniques of The M.E.L.T. Method® — a self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain and heal injury. Zoe will guide you through a simple yet powerful session that reduces tension in your whole body.

Who couldn’t use a little of that in this frozen weather?! Still unsure about what exactly one does in a MELT class? Just imagine that someone gives you a foam roller and a few little balls, and shows you how to use those simple tools to make your whole body feel healthy, vibrant, and pain free!

You’ll do some rolling, lengthening, decompressing and mobilizing of the spine and joints. Shandoah Goldman, certified Shiatsu massage therapist, will be in the showroom from 2PM-3PM after class on Sunday to provide some shiatsu mini-sessions to our community!

Lululemon. 472 Bergen Street in Park Slope

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