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December 22nd, 2009

The 2009 Park Slope 100

 Here it is: The 2009 Park Slope 100 (which also has its own mini blog here). This is the fourth annual list of 100 people, places and things that make Park Slope Park Slope. 100 Stories, 100 ways of looking at the world. 

There are no repeats from the last three years so if someone obvious is missing they've probably already made the list. If you think someone should be here, send me a tip for next year. This year I got SO MANY TIPS. Many of these were written by OTBKB readers who were kind enough to write blurbs about those they wanted to honor. Thanks to all!  Please send your typos, your fact checks, your comments to me. Heck, I know you will.

Four years of the Park Slope 100. That means that  if you combine  all the lists there are 400 people on this ongoing list.  If you go to the PS 100 mini blog you can see ALL the other years, too.

Adult Education because your useless information lecture series at Union Hall is pretty darn fun. Keep it up!

Nat Allman because you give so much of your time to the Park Slope Civic Council, the House Tour and Celebrate Brooklyn. You may be retired but you sure are busy. And true to your name, we hear that you’re quite a natty dresser.
Jonathan Ames
because even though you live in Boerum Hill, your HBO show, “Bored to Death” is too damn funny and has too many great scenes of the neighborhood not to mention you or it.
Ansonia Chemist because you folks remember customer’s names and prescriptions and people say that you’re very compassionate!
Jennifer Jones Austin because you're a legal advocate for children, wife and mother who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). We know that your chances of survival are slim unless you undergo a bone marrow transplant within the next few months and we are doing everything in our power to find you a match in order to make that happen (press link for information about how you can hlep Jennifer).
because you’ve got sleekly designed kinky sex toys for women and your workshops for women and men, who want to explore their sexuality are top notch. Your sex-positive “how to talk to your kids about sex” workshops for parents are a big contribution to the life of this community.
Bark because we love the dogs, the décor, the wireless, the easy-going atmosphere and especially the Bark Dog with sweet relish, mustard and onion and all the other fixins’ you’ve got, including Smuttynose Robust Porter beer.
Beer Table because you took an enormous chance when you moved to Brooklyn from Texas to build a tiny exotic beer bar in a city that drinks principally Brooklyn Lager and Budweiser. To think that you made such a thing work in this economy, too.
Jason Belz because many call you the unofficial “mayor of Park Slope” due to your unabashed commitment to the Slope's economy, history, beautification and vision for the future. Indeed, there are dozens of individuals who would not have the first-hand know-how of this incredible neighborhood had they not come in to contact with your savvy, well-versed enthusiasm.
Bergen Street because in the last two years a bunch of local businesses have turned this into a stylish and fun shopping mecca.
Bella Voce Singers because you women sure know how to sing!
Bklyn Larder because Franny’s wasn’t enough. You opened a shop across the street that celebrates artisan cheeses, prepared foods and specialty grocery items. Superb!

Bklyn Yard because over the past two summers you have become a favorite local destination with events like the Sundays Best series, AudraRox, Rooftop Films, and more. Resting on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, BKLYN Yard has grove of trees and boating docks.  beautiful independent venue where industrial meets bucolic

Blue Apron Foods Store Brooklyn
Blue Apron
because many say that your existence is reason enough to live in Park Slope. You are specialists in yummy charcuterie and cheese, and a carefully curated selection of breads, chocolates, olive oils, vinegars and everything a foodie needs in the cupboard.

Dominique Bravo because you helped to save the Montessori Day School of Brooklyn several years ago by finding them new space when they had to leave the YWCA . Your help enabled 100 local families to continue to get high quality child care in the Park Slope area.  Now you're working with Park Slope Parents on the child care survey. You also sit on the board of PS 122 and Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn. Brava to Bravo!

Marine Lance Corporal Julian T. Brennan, age 25, was killed in Afghanisatn last spring. He grew up on 15th Street in Park Slope and was a remarkable person, a gifted actor, who felt a call to service at the funeral for his grandfather, a Marine who fought in WWII.  "The only way I think I can describe myself,” he wrote, “is as a guy who will go out of his way to make someone laugh, write a great song, find a
reason to dance, and watch the sun rise every chance he gets." Consider a donation in Julian’s memory to the Central Asia Institute, at  CAI’s mission is to promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in the remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Central Asia Institute
P.O. Box 7209
Bozeman, MT 59771  
In memo line, please write: Julian Brennan
Jane Brody because not only are you the Personal Health columnist for The New York Times but you recently wrote a necessary book called Jane Brody’s Guide to the Great Beyond A Practical Primer to Help You and Your Loved Ones Prepare Medically, Legally and Emotionally for the End of Life. The book has been called "an invaluable road map to putting your affairs in order—or helping your loved ones do the same. In it you seem to answer virtually every question one might have." Thanks!


Brooklyn Based and the women who run it:  Nicole Davis, Annaliese Griffin and Chrysanthes Tenentes because in your thrice weekly e-newsletter you write about all things Brooklyn and you gals really know your way around the block.
Brooklyn Food Coalition because 2009’s weekend event was a rousing (and well attended) success. You are a grassroots partnership of individuals and groups providing a voice for those who want to create a just and sustainable system for tasty, healthy, and affordable food.
Brooklyn Skillshare because you are an energetic group of students and teachers, who have something to teach and to learn from each other during one-day events of learning, making, sharing and doing.
Candace Carponter because as Co-Chair of the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods and the Head of the Legal Team for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn Brooklyn, you have lobbied endlessly to preserve the very qualities that define Brooklyn and make it a special place to live.  When you are not campaigning for your politician of choice, your are busy raising your daughter, running your own law firm and are the President of the Parent Association at the Berkeley Carroll School. Whoa.
Chris, the waiter at Grand Canyon because you have, like, a hundred ties, for as many holidays as you can find. You even asked a friend to help you find a Jewish New Year's tie. Did you get one?
The City Council Candidates (33rd): Kudos and thanks for the memories to Ken Baer Doug Biviano, Ken Diamondstone, Issac Abraham, Jo Anne Simon and Evan Thies.
The City Council Candidates
(39th): Kudos and thanks for the memories to John Heyer, Joe Nardiello, David Pechefsky, Gary Reilly, Josh Skaller and Bob Zuckerman.
The City Council Incumbents: Congrats to the winners, Brad Lander, City Councilmember elect for the 39th District and Steve Levin, City Councilmember elect for the 33rd.
Congregation Beth Elohim because when a group of bigots from a Kansas Baptist Church ( picketed outside of your synagogue one Saturday morning before the start of Yom Kippur, Rabbi Andy Bachman held a service on the steps of the synagogue and blew a shofar while 200 congregants and Park Slope residents danced, sang, and laughed.
Martin Cottingham because you were the key guy in saving the Holy Name School in Windsor Terrace (which everybody used to call Park Slope) from closing–because it's your old grade school, and you still live in the parish. That. And one friend calls you a world-class Catholic mensch.
Shanti Crawford because your Fifth Avenue shop, Asha Veza, recruits a team of local seamstresses in Bosnia and India to create garments woven from hand-cut ribbons of repurposed silk saris and pieces of Indian dowry quilts. Indian silks, intricate embroidery, and delicate beadwork adorning the garments at this boutique would be reason enough to stop in, but you’ve added another major incentive: the proceeds from the designer collection funds the training of women who are victims of trafficking or poverty; these women are then employed in the production of the house label.

Susie DeFord because your book The Dogs of Brooklyn is a poetic narrative about your colorful life as a dogwalker accompanied by vibrant photos of Brooklyn and the dogs by Dennis Riley.

The Food Pantries of Park Slope because you’ve helped many people through a tough year. You are: The Helping Hands Food Pantry at St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church. CHIPS on Fourth Avenue. The Church of the Gethsemane on 8th Avenue and more to come.

Fucked in Park Slope because you truly are the best Park Slope blog. Seriously though: you bring humor, fun and irreverence to a subject totally worth making fun of.
Deborah Fisher and 21st Century Ploughshares because you decided that if you could get a bunch of people together to "throw seeds" in Bed-Stuy one spring morning you could bring wildflowers to the vacant lots, the tree pods and the streets of that neighborhood.
The Flaming Neon at Rachel’s Taqueria because it really adds spice to Fifth Avenue.
Fourth Avenue Pub because it's a great place to have a beer.

The Free Impressarios
because you are a group of three friends, who have sprung into action not once but twice to bring modern dance and opera to Park Slope. In the words of Phyllis Wrynn, one of the FIs, “After last spring's superb opera event, Suor Angelica, the reaction was so wonderful that we thought we'd try it again.” And indeed they did. This year they presented SYREN Modern Dance’s production of “last of the leaves.” Both times they used the 1907 school auditorium of St. Francis Xavier on President Street, with its glorious stained glass ceiling, beautifully decorated walls and historic murals. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

Ken Freeman because when you became president of the Park Slope Civic Council you had Lydia Denworth’s big shoes to fill and you’ve filled them well working hard for the neighborhood that you love.
Ed Fusco because you’re a local attorney on Seventh Avenue, who has toiled for the Brooklyn Blades Hockey Club for years and you’re still in the sidelines. Now that's dedication!
Marcus Gonzales because as founder of the Salsa Salsa Dance Studio on 4th Ave between Bergen and Dean, you run a phenomenal studio, where amazing teachers teach salsa to all levels.
Dr. Philippa Gordon of Gordon Glaser Pediatrics because everyone agrees that you're a great doctor and this year you helped to cool the hysteria about H1Ni with your FAQs on Park Slope Parents. You are an information wellspring, who is great about sharing what you know!
Bernie Graham because, as one OTBKB reader puts it: “you are a serial good deed doer.” You’re a judge, you are on the board of the Park Slope Civic Council, you’re big and tall and statesmen-like and a great husband and father.  

John Guidry because your blog, Truth and Rocket Science, has intellectual velocity and creative eccentricity and it’s fun and interesting to read.
Hanco’s Vietnamese Sandwich Shop because your sandwiches rock especially the Classic with roasted ground pork, Vietnamese ham, pate, mayo, butter, cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon radish and cilantro on toasted french baguette. 
Iris in the radiation department at New York Methodist Hospital because you moved mountains to get my friend in and out of there on time every day for 8 weeks. Some days the wait was longer but you were warm and friendly and that goes a long way when you’re dealing with cancer.
James Hannaham because your first novel, God Says No, from McSweeney's Books is a funny must read. You teach at Pratt and used to work at the Park Slope Writers Space. 
Lyn Hill because it’s not easy being Vice President for Communication and External Affairs at New York Methodist Hospital but you do it with grace and energy.
Adrian Kinloch
and Brit in Brooklyn because as a transplanted Londoner your big, bold photos bring much to the Brooklyn blog landscape. Photo by Adrian Kinloch at left.
Katia Kelly because you run the indispensible and fabulous Carroll Gardens blog, Pardon Me For Asking.
Scott Lindenbaum and Andy Hunter because you decided to publish Electric Literature an ambitious new lit mag. In your own words: “We're tired of hearing that literary fiction is doomed. Everywhere we look, people are reading—whether it be paper books, eBooks, blogs, tweets, or text messages. So, before we write the epitaph for the literary age, we thought, let’s try it this way first: select stories with a strong voice that capture our readers and lead them somewhere exciting, unexpected, and meaningful.” YES.
Irene LoRe because as owner of Aunt Suzie's, you were one of the pioneers of the new Fifth Avenue, who managed to retain some of the flavor of the old. And now you run the Fifth Avenue BID giving your time, intelligence, energy, and experience to the Park Slope community.

Lexy Lovell
and Michael Uys because you infuse your passion and enthusiasm for life into compelling and thought-provoking documentary films. Riding The Rails and very recently, The Good Soldier, have provided rare glimpses into American culture and consciousness mixed with an artistry that makes the documentary format very accessible.  Talent and passion aside, you are great friends and neighbors and you help define and inspire the tone of the neighborhood. 

Marissa Palma-Muller: From OTBKB: “It was just a simple note on a yellow piece of paper on the door of Palma Pharmacy, on the corner of Garfield Place and Seventh Avenue. But that's how Park Slope learned of the loss of a trusted member of the community. Pharmacist Marisa Palma-Muller, age 48, died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Since then word has been trickling into my in-box with remembrances. One OTBKB reader wrote in to say: "She was the last of a disappearing breed: the neighborhood pharmacist who knew all her customers, had a nice word for everyone, tried to help customers baffled by insurance regulations…"

Martin of Café Regular because regulars at Regular seem to think you're one very cool, sarcastic and interest
ing barista. As one person said, “he’s fun to see first thing in the morning.”

Melanie at the Purity Restaurant for introducing coloring books to this diner and putting up the most awesome Halloween decorations in the Slope. You decorate a little bit every day that you’re working and by Halloween it's just magic – not over the top but magic. Like there's a treat in every booth. You do all the holidays but we know you like Halloween the best and it shows. It shows.
Frank McCourt
because you were a great writer and a better teacher and you gave life and dignity to a lot of peoples' least favorite Irish city, Limerick.  (Frank did nothing, though, to stop the preponderance of "there once was a sailor from Nantucket" giggles).  You gave a lot of life to that other Irish city, New York.  Your three books — Angela's Ashes, 'Tis and Teacher Man — was a triptych that didn't just talk to us, it talked with us.  Frank McCourt: you were a man who inspired kids one on one, enthralled pub patrons circled around him, and reached readers in 30 languages. (in memoriam by Scott Turner).
Momasphere because you create innovative programs and events that serve to empower, enrich and enlighten moms, while giving back to the community and that's very cool.
Mary Morris because you’re the grand dame of literary Park Slope and the acclaimed author of Revenge, Vanishing Animals, The Bus of Dreams, and The Lifeguard Stories
The New Turf Field in Washington Park. Nuff said.
Norma & Gunni because you are AMAZING dog walkers and where would the dog owners and dogs of Brooklyn be without the two of you. Arf.
Old First Dutch Reformed Church because when the ceiling at Congregation Beth Elohim fell in just days before Yom Kippur, you welcomed that congreation into your church for their high holy day. "What joy to celebrate the repentance of our sins from A to Z. That's a gift that Jews and Christians in unity can give our society, the good news of repentance, and just why that is good news," wrote Pastor Daniel Meeter on his blog Old First. 

Otto (and Annette Englander) because for that last nineteen years form meets function in your shop ith its elegant and stylish selection of fine lingerie, swimwear, clothing, accessories and Otto exclusives.
 “Park Slope Woman” because you broke up with your live-in boyfriend of six years and promptly (and luckily) found a place in Park Slope. When you got here you were “a total wreck of a human being who could barely get out of bed let alone make the trek to law school on the Upper West Side,” a friend writes. “But you found sanctuary in this amazing community and found yourself again. No only are you healing, but you’re learning WHO YOU ARE. If it takes a village to raise a child, it may also take a village to bring that child back to herself. Park Slope is such a special place and it's the people who make it great."
Faye Penn
and the team at Brokelyn for the right blog at the right time and for teaching us to live big on small change.
Wendy Ponte because you write the Brooklyn Frugal Family Examiner and are showing us how to simplify and live with more frugality.
Tom Potter because you are co-founder and former CEO of The Brooklyn Brewery—one of the most successful artisan breweries in the United States and the largest beverage alcohol company producing in New York City. Nice work.
Rebecca Pronsky because in 2005 you founded the Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange, a monthly series with a mission to present great musical talent and foster community among local songwriters.
The Prospect Park Alliance because since 1987, the year you began to restore the Park after years of budget cuts and steady neglect of both its natural areas and usage, you have supplemented the Park’s basic operating budget with private funds and have initiated many capital projects and community programs. You’ve made the public understand why parks are so important in New York City, while gaining support from donors and volunteers for the restoration projects that have brought Prospect Park back to its glory (and beyond). Yay team!

Prospect Park West because this satiric novel by Amy Sohn really got the neighborhood reading and talking about itself. 
Red White and Bubbly because you folks seem to know what pairs well with hot dogs, grilled cheese and leftover ziti.
Reverend Billy and the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir
because you believe that Consumerism is overwhelming our lives. Because you believe that our neighborhoods and "commons" places like stoops and parks and streets and libraries, are disappearing into the corporatized world of big boxes and chain stores. Because you are singing and preaching for local economies and real – not mediated through products – experience. Sing on. Amen. 

Rooftop Films because you make it possible to view movies al fresco. Your o
riginal programming and stunning outdoor venues makes Rooftop Films one of the best-attended film festivals in New York.
Powerhouse Books because you’re a world-renowned art book publisher and your "arena," a cool DUMBO gallery, boutique, book store, performance and events space welcomed the Brooklyn Blogfest and hundreds of others events last year.
Sophia Romero and Dan Schwartz because not only is Sophia the Shiksa from Manila and the author of the novel, Always Hiding, the couple are the uber-couple when it comes to fund-raising: he for Congregation Beth Elohim and she for Berkeley Carroll (as co-chair of the Auction Gala 2010, "Road to Morocco"). They call themselves "the bookends." Cute. And what a team!
Debi Ryan because you revitalized Vox Pop Coffee Shop with energy, spirit and loads of charisma. As of this writing, VP is closed again. But not for long if you have anything to say about it. Lead on.
Joe Rydell because you're the friendliest man on Seventh Avenue, who knows everyone and everyone likes to talk to (even if they don't know your name). You're a devoted dad, a psychotherapist in private practice,
founder of the Berkeley Carroll documentary
film series and part-time realtor. You and your partner, Berkeley Carroll teacher David Wood, exemplify what makes Park Slope extraordinary. You worked to get more trees planted on 7th Avenue, as part of the Park Slope Civic Council. Look for the trees this Spring!
Dr. Mehryar Sadeghi because, according to one OTBKB reader, you’re a Park Slope ophthalmologist with a great bedside manner. You escaped Iran after the revolution, landed in Canada followed by medical school at Harvard and Washington Universities and now we’re happy to have you looking in our eyes.
Jeff Sandgrund because you have worked tirelessly for parks and green space in New York City and most especially in Brooklyn where you served for several years as a community liaison for the Parks Department, then managed Fort Greene Park and now you're the operations manager for the new Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation. You are a born and bred Park Sloper who still lives here and still loves the 'hood.
Seven AM Morning Disc because most weekday mornings (and Sundays at 8:30 AM) a good number of you gather at the 9th Street ball fields for a rousing pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee. You've been doing this for a few years now and routinely get between 10-20 people out there each time. Wow. The game is spirited, competitive yet open to all skill levels. What an incredibly invigorating way to start the workday. Once the ground freezes over (around Dec 1), you migrate over to the turf fields at the Parade Grounds, but the fun continues all year long.  Like all responsible organizations, you even have a google group (morning disc at google groups).
Phyllis Salome because she lived in Brooklyn all her life, raised two daughters, Joan and Alice, on 4th Street in Park Slope and had four grandchildren. A graduate of the Cooper Union, she enjoyed painting and was very active at the PS Senior Citizens Center where she was board president for 4 years.  The family has requested that donations be made to the Park Slope Senior Center in her name, 463-A 7th street, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
because you’re a big fold out listings newspaper of all ages music shows in the New York area, including Park Slope, that’s a must-read for local music fans. Well-designed, it always includes a fabulous illustration on the cover and is delivered around town by an enthusiastic gang of all ages volunteers. 
Melissa Silverstein because you are marketing consultant, writer and blogger, who specializes in women’s issues, with an emphasis on women and Hollywood.  Your blog Women & Hollywood has become a respected site for issues related to feminism and pop culture.  In 2008 it was named by More Magazine as one of the “blogs to watch,” and in 2009 it was named “Best Hollywood blog” by
Daniel Smith because you’re a local jazz, classical, and cross-over bassoonist who has been called "the Rampal of the Bassoon." 
Peter Solomita and Little Buddy Biscuit Company because, in the words of Eleanor Traubman at Creative Times, “He’s a baker, an entrepreneur, a disc jockey, a dad, a husband, and a teacher. He defies the stereotype I have of professional chefs as being ill-tempered. (Remember Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck?) Pete is passionate about everything he does, but that passion comes seasoned with lots of compassion: he keeps one eye on his business and another eye on the big picture of what’s happening in the rest of the world and how his work fits into that.”
Michael Sorgatz because your site  "Art in Brooklyn" promotes the work of local artists, and that’s a positive and generous thing to do (especially in these times). You are also a talented artist in your own right and a really great guy.
Martha Martha Southgate because you are the author of three novels, most recently Third Girl from the Left, which won Best Novel of the Year award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. You also organized a great reading at Brooklyn Reading Works called Young  Gifted and Black (Men) in September presenting the wonderful James Hanaham, James Lavalle and Clifford Thompson

Spuyten Duyvil Books because you publish amazing books: fiction, non-fiction and poetry out of a Park Slope apartment.
Sufjan Stevens because you recognized the beauty of the BQE and it inspired you to make a film and write symphony about it. 

Cathryn Swan because you’re fighting the good fight with your blog Washington Square Park, the chronicles of a beloved park and a city government overcome by its own power. In your own words: "Washington Square Park blog began after I attended an exhibit on Jane Jacobs and her New York City activism presented by the Municipal Art Society in January. An eye-catching brochure was handed out entitled “The City is You.” The point of it was to lay out the steps of advocating for issues and causes in your neighborhood, believing that doing so is what keeps New York City vital: “Observe. Think. Assess. Learn. Assemble. Participate. Advocate.”"
And you've been doing that ever since. 
Joyce Szuflita and NYC School Help
because you are an amazing resource when it comes to helping parents with public school admissions process—and that is one awesome good deed. As one satisfied customer wrote: "Joyce understanding of all school issues, is armed with all the current facts, and understands the inner workings of the Dept. of Ed. Her knowledge of the middle and high school choice process in YC likely saved us two months of research time. Joyce took a complex and often confusing process, and helped us make decisions that were right for us.  We feel lucky to have found her!"
Third Street News Stand and Deli because the owner and the guys in there are great and one OTBKB reader said, “It’s a second home for my kids."
Clifford Thompson because you wrote a terrific novel, Signifying Nothing, and published it yourself. Your advice to other sulf-publishers: “Believe in what you’re doing, because not everyone you tell about your self-published book will shower you with congratulations. You WILL sometimes get the pity-laced smile that makes you want to say, “Maybe you misheard me. I don’t have bone cancer, I’m publishing my BOOK.” But if you believe in what you’ve written, then you must also believe it’s worth putting out there, however you can do it.”
Scott Turner because you are one very funny man. But that's not all. You're a dedicated Develop Don't Destroy activist, who runs the pub quiz every Thursday at Rocky Sullivan's. You're a graphic designer and a writer, who pens OTBKB's weekly Greetings From Scott Turner column, which is way funny and smart AND you have a one-man-band called Rebelmart. We approve. 

Urban Alchemist Design Collective because you’re part store, part gallery and part artisan salon and you’ve got an eclectic mix of emerging designers as well as carefully selected vintage and modern home goods, accessories and furniture. You’re really a hive of creative energy and beauty.
Emily Vaughn because you work hard behind the scenes as a member of Buy in Brooklyn and you were this year's coordinator of the Snowflake Celebration, the night when local merchants throw open their doors to stay lope late and create a holiday atmosphere enabling the people of Park Slope to do their holiday shopping.
Bob Vitalo because as head of the Berkeley Carroll School one OTBKB reader said you’re known for your “calming and strengthening skills.”


Jack Walsh, executive producer of Celebrate Brooklyn because this Brooklyn institution offers something for every Brooklyn resident – young, old, parents, the childless, drama freaks, world music geeks, opera fans, dance nerds, indie hipsters –  and it is very family-friendly, too. Heck, there’s even a parking spot for bikes, (relatively) cheap beer, and great Brooklyn food. You are one Brooklyn treasure, Jack.

Steve Wiener, Joe Uzzo and the crew at The Video Forum because you are something akin to neighborhood treasures.  When you are not good-naturedly recommending films at the store, you are performing in their band, Mute City.  Your congenial natures and ease of conversation is surpassed only by your ability to make the boomers of the neighborhood forget about their lives for a moment to embark on a trip to Generation Y. Great guys.
Eliot Wagner because you’re a walking, talking DJ, who loves to turn others on to the music you love with your carefully curated monthly CDs that are a great plug for the musicians and a treasured treat for your community of friends and neighbors. And now you've got your own blog, Now I've Heard Everything. You’re a great fan out there night after night listening to music in the clubs of Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. You're also good at teaching Boomers how to use the newfangled stuff that’s replaced LPs and CDs. And lets not forget OTBKB Music, one heck of a great music column. Thanks. 

Willie's Dawgs because you serve plump, juicy and delicious hot dogs grilled any way you like, and give some of  the profits to dog shelters in and around Brooklyn and to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

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