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October 13th, 2009

Friday at 9:30 pm: Rocky Horror Picture Show LIVE at Lyceum

Bring your black knit nurse corsets and heavy eyeliner down to the
Lyceum to relive the classic stage musical of the Rocky Horror Show.
Get into the Halloween spirit and come dressed to kill.  The Brooklyn Lyceum is the perfect location to hold all the campy suspense,
with its 3000 sq ft of exposed brick, old bathhouse architecture and
huge steel I-beams, the musical is practically asking to jump out of
its walls.

No other musical blends science fiction with trampy campy sexy
theatrics quite like Rocky Horror. By the end you’ll be humming along " …Crawling on the planet's face, tiny insects called the human race, lost in time, lost in space – and meaning."  Love and Light Productions brings the full production to life with a one-night stop at the Brooklyn Lyceum on their East Coast tour.
Director Alicia Starr and her talented full cast come ready to get you
shakin', singing along and primed for the Halloween week ahead.  More
info about the cast and production at

The Brooklyn Lyceum,
known formerly as NYC Public Bath No. 7, is a performing arts and
cultural center in Park Slope. Originally opened in 1910 as an indoor
bathing facility, it once housed the largest indoor public pool in the
country. Reopened in 1994 as the Brooklyn Lyceum, the old bathhouse now
plays host to a range of performance events, festivals and cultural
activities, including the upcoming production of Bauhaus, by the
resident theatre company Nervetank. Its café is open to the public
daily and offers free wireless access. 

The show begins at 9:30 p.m. on Friday October 16th at the Lyceum: 227 4th Avenue in Park Slope, right atop the R train station at Union Street.  718.857.4816
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