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November 11th, 2008

Park Slope 100: Send Your Choices In

The Park Slope 100: 100 stories, 100 ways of looking at the world, 100 inspiring people, places and things. The list is in alphabetical order. There are no repeats from last year.

In mid-December I will release the 2008  Park Slope 100. I want to hear from you about the people you think should be on the list. You can send your choices to me at louise_crawford(at)yahoo(dot)com or just leave a comment. Remember your comment will not show up immediately. I moderate all coments.

The Park Slope 100 is a highly opinionated, subjective list of the most talented, energetic, ambitious, creative individuals with vision in the Greater Park Slope area who reach outward toward the larger community and the world to lead, to help, to teach, to improve, to inform, to network, to create change (and/or fun).

The people who make THE LIST can do just about anything, including community activists, entrepreneurs, volunteers, spiritual leaders, publishers, bloggers, arts administrators, social workers, therapists, artists, writers, educators, politicians, chefs, restaurant owners and you name it...

The Park Slope 100 focuses on those who do something that enhances the quality of life and community.

The Park Slope 100 is for the famous and not famous alike. I especially like to hear about those we've never heard a thing about.

The Park Slope 100 is listed in alphabetical order. Whenever possible, links to web sites, blogs, and/or more information is provided so that you can learn more about these remarkable individuals.

The Park Slope 100 is sure to cause some controversy. There are always many, many more people who deserve to be on it.

The Park Slope 100 was created by Louise Crawford and she takes full responsibility for it.

To see last year's list go here.

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