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March 4th, 2008

Sculpture Replaces Park Slope Books For Now

What a great story on Gowanus Lounge this morning. And it’s breaking Seventh Avenue news. Apparently there’s a sculpture in the storefront newly vacated by Park Slope Books.

Somehow I missed it. Dang. I walked by there yesterday. But after 3 p.m. all of my activity was ABOVE 3rd Street (Living on Seventh, Barnes and Noble, wine at Sette with Diaper Diva).

No surprise. The owner of the building, Mark Ravitz, is an artist and he’s the sculptor responsible for the ICONIC gold drips on the Seventh Avenue building.

Those drips have been painted in various ways over the years. At one time, they were painted black and white like cows.

It had a very surreal quality. Cow drips.

The gold drips are quite lovely. And now a larger work is in the storefront. WHAT FUN!

The other day I saw a man looking pensive as he stood inside the store. I am wondering if that was none other than Mark Ravitz, contemplating the art that would soon occupy that space.

I knew Hepcat should have taken a picture.

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