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December 6th, 2007


I bring you: THE 2007 PARK SLOPE 100. It has its very own weblog accessible on the right hand side of this page. See the logo >>>>>>>> 

The list is in ALPHABETICAL order.

It’s still a work in progress. There are still misspellings, missing names, missing pictures, missing info, broken links. But all that will be fixed in the hours and days to follow. Please send in any corrections.

This year’s Park Slope 100 feels more topical than last year’s. It includes names that have come up on OTBKB, on
Seventh Avenue, on Fifth Avenue, in the zeitgeist over the past year. 

100 stories, 100 ways of looking at the world, 100 inspiring people, places and things.

The Park Slope 100 is itself a work in progress. It’s a crazy thing to do. So reductive. So incomplete. As I’ve said before, the idea of a list like this is inherently
subjective, flawed, and wildly controversial (even annoying).

But it’s
fun to do if only as a way to record life in this neighborhood in an
interesting way.

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