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December 7th, 2006


So it seems that THE LIST has caused a stir. I guess I expected that. But I didn’t expect to be called an elitest sycophant. Luckily, I’ve developed a pretty thick skin. I am processing all the  critical comments, the positive ones, and the new names. My reaction to the new names is this: I wish you’d written me before.

Someone said this list should be called "100 people OTBKB is friends/colleagues/associates with". As you can imagine, I beg to differ. I am not friends with very many people on this list. I’ve highlighted in red the choices that are very personal (husband, neighbors, employer, close friends).

As I say at the beginning of the list, THE GREATER PARK SLOPE 100 is a highly opinionated, inherently flawed, subjective list of talented, energetic, ambitious, creative
individuals with vision in the Greater Park Slope area who reach
outward toward the larger community and the world to lead, to help, to create, to teach, to
improve, to inform, to network, to create change.

These people are by no means the only creative individuals with vision. They are the ones who were nominated by readers or chosen by me. This was not undertaken in a very scientific way. I went with my gut as did, I’m sure, the people who sent names in.

I see this list as a conversation starter. It asks as many questions as it answers. It certainly begs the question: who is missing from the list?

And there are many.

The people chosen for THE LIST happen to be community activists,
entrepreneurs, volunteers, spiritual leaders, publishers, bloggers,
leaders of arts and or community organizations, social workers, therapists, artists, writers,
educators, politicians, chefs, restaurant owners and workers, teachers, and whatever else
I’ve left out.

It is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Please send corrections to This list will be updated as corrections are
made. As of December 7th, all links have been tested and are fixed.

Hope you enjoy the list and take it in the spirit it was intended.

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